💬 This is what a soulmate looks like...

(Friday, January 24th). Find a soulmate who moves you to complete yourself, know what you stand for in life by shouting it and fill your home with plants because they reduce stress. Let's go.

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A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. A soulmate is someone who moves you to complete yourself. Have patience and discard that checklist of things you look for in someone and instead ask yourself: “does this person inspire me to complete myself?” THAT is your person - someone who loves you so unconditionally that you then turn around and love yourself in the same way.

- Case “dudebroguy” Kenny

It’s a power move

"You fall in love with people who make you love the person you are when you're around them." (@case.kenny)

🎧 LISTEN: You. Are. Not. Your. Job.

From the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast…. You are the GOAT! You are one of a kind. There is literally no one else on this earth who has the same combination of things that make you YOU - your quirks, personality, kindness. THAT is what defines you, not your job.

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Shout it from a mountain!

Do you know what you believe? Do you know what you stand for in life? Maybe… but if you can't explain your beliefs to others, it's unlikely you can explain your beliefs to yourself. That’s no bueno but the good news is that we can all take steps to challenge ourselves to talk more about our beliefs and why we have them.

That is how we grow in life - we express what we feel. We say it out loud, we act on it - we get it out from our heart and into the world. Try these exercises to really affirm what you believe and who you are

  • Share your beliefs with friends and family.

  • Write about your beliefs in a journal or blog.

  • Have a friendly debate with someone who disagrees with you.

  • Present a lecture or speech to an audience.

  • Talk to a therapist.

  • Get an outside perspective from a complete stranger.

  • Think out-loud to yourself.

Plants, plants and more plants.

Bonsai, ficus, and Norfolk Pine oh my!

Having more plants in your home or office is proven to reduce stress and as much as I struggle to keep my existing plants alive (too little water? too much water? which one is it!?), I think it’s time to surround yourself with more green.

A significant amount of scientific evidence suggests that being around greenery can stave off stress, elevate mood and improve cognitive function.

  • They reduce stress and anxiety. Plant soil contains microbes dubbed "outdoorphins" which work as natural antidepressants to boost your mood by pushing your brain to produce more serotonin.

  • They enhance cognitive skills. According to a study, keeping potted plants and flowers around your workspace can substantially improve your creative performance and problem-solving skills. Being around plants can also increase memory retention by up to 20%.

  • They facilitate healing. Being in close proximity to plants can help you feel calm and heal faster from injuries. In fact, research recommends potted plants and flowers as “noninvasive, inexpensive, and effective complementary medicine.”

Pretty cool stuff. Now go grab some green.

Today’s soul food.

This is what a true soulmate looks like.

Want to make better decisions when it comes to the relationships in your life?

Want to truly know what a soulmate looks like?

I’ve learned that a true soulmate is more than just what’s on your checklist. Ya know… those “things” you look for in someone else.

  • Kind, supportive, ambitious, funny.

  • Always there for you, adventurous, down to earth.

  • 6’0 and above? Athletic? An Aries? (slippery slope there lol)

The list go on and on.

Don’t get me wrong… I think it’s great to be specific about what you want in another person! It shows that you know yourself decently well, what you’re looking for and what a healthy relationship looks like to you.

BUT I think it’s time we step back and simplify how we approach relationships by asking ourselves one question and one question only.

Ask yourself this one question:

Does that person inspire me to complete myself?

THAT is the question to ask!

Certainly the right person for you is going to check a lot of boxes. That person is going to be kind and supportive, they’re going to motivate and love you.

That should be a given and those are things you should never settle for less.

But in my experience that’s not the real secret sauce to a soulmate.

A soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself.

To be clear, this is not saying you should find someone who completes you. I don’t think that’s the right way to look at relationships.

At the end of the day, a relationship is still about you!

YOU need to complete yourself and a true soulmate is someone who pushes you to do just that.

That, my friends is what I think you should look for in a romantic partner or a good friend.

Look for someone who supports you, loves you, is kind but most of all who does so with so much conviction and energy that your only choice is to then turn inward and level yourself up.

Find someone who loves you so unconditionally that you then turn around and love yourself in the same way.

When that happens, you have no choice but to move forward and complete yourself. You have no choice but to prove to yourself what you’re capable of doing, achieving and becoming.

That is what a soulmate does!

I think this is such a refreshing way to look at relationships. Instead of going down some checklist and looking for someone who offers you this, that and the other… look at them for what they offer that goes so much deeper than a checklist.

Look at them for how they inspire you to complete yourself.

Coming from a dudebroguy like myself, that is awfully deep but I have found this to be so true in life.

When I took a step back and threw that checklist to the side and instead focused on asking myself: does this person inspire me to complete myself? … things changed!

I found myself not relying on someone to feel complete, but instead I found their compassion and care for me to be the very thing I needed to look inside and improve myself.

That is what life is all about - coming into your own and truly completing yourself.

When you find someone who pushes you to do that, never let them go.

When you find someone who loves you so passionately and supports you so energetically that you start pushing yourself to be more passionate, impactful, creative, carefree and driven - THAT is your person.

THAT person is driving you to complete yourself and is a soulmate.

Let’s go.


…oh PS: I did an episode on finding your “why” in relationships a while back. You might find it helpful :)


Things that make me smile

1. 11 minutes of David Dobrik giving back. My guilty pleasure is watching Youtuber David Dobrik. He’s entertaining but he also seems like a genuine dude. He uses his celebrity & money (he has A LOT) to give back. This makes me feel good. (via Youtube)

2. This is wholesome: man proposes to dancer girlfriend. I’m not for over-the-top proposals but it made me smile to see how genuinely surprised and happy this woman was when her boyfriend interrupted her dance routine. (via Imgur)

3. This is a SUPER SIMPLE :30 second way to understand meditation.  Meditating isn’t about blocking thought out completely. It’s about embracing it. Watch this and you’ll understand the “monkey mind.” Super helpful stuff. (via Imgur)

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