Short hair confidence

Despite what you might think, you can build your confidence during these strange times. Start small and grow big. That's how you end up with "short hair confidence."

Too long, didn’t read…

BIG confidence comes from small steps. Start with 10 seconds of courage, send that first text, take that first selfie or go to the gym for the first time and watch your “short hair confidence” grow (yes, it’s a thing).

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It’s time for “short hair confidence”

Short hair confidence - it’s a look, it’s a vibe, it’s a forbidden fruit that has drawn both the praise and scorn of women for generations. LOL, ok that might be a bit of an exaggeration but I’ve heard that a lot of women fantasize about about what it might be like to go short with their hair.

And that once they do it, it’s a vibe. It’s a HUGE confidence boost aka short hair confidence.

But in talking with some women who have gone for it it, I’ve learned that when she decides to go short, she don’t just do it all at once. She doesn’t walk in to the salon as Rapunzel and come out Scarlett Johansson with a bangin’ pixie cut. No, she goes shorter and shorter over time until voila it’s short.

It’s over that period of going shorter and shorter that a woman gets what I’m calling short hair confidence. 

You know I love a good metaphor LOL but in all seriousness… I’m talking about the confidence you get that comes from from making small changes.

It’s a confidence that comes from baby steps!

With all the craziness going on in the world right, I think today is the perfect time to develop your short hair confidence by taking baby steps.

For example, today is a good perfect time to finally get over your ex - in a healthy way :)

Baby steps.

Take one small step and unfollow him/her on social media.

And then maybe distance yourself from his/her friend circle. And then maybe make the tough decision to throw out things that remind you of him/her. And then maybe make sure you don’t talk about him/ her with your friends. Small steps.

Do small steps like this and you’ll get to a point in your life where you no longer carry that weight in your heart.

Short hair confidence comes from THOSE those small steps. It doesn’t come from a decision to move on, to be better, to be healthier, to start your business etc. It comes from the baby steps of “doing” that follow.

  • It comes in week 3 of not texting your ex.

  • It comes in week 4 of increasingly more exerting workouts.

  • It comes in week 6 of releasing new podcast episodes.

  • It comes in week 12 of whatever new course of action you’ve taken.

Change requires a decision to do better, BUT the real magic happens in week 3, in week 6 or in week 12.

So, if you’re asking yourself a question like:

How do I get over my ex? How do I build a business? How do I build confidence? How do I build an optimistic outlook on life?

I say start small. Start building your short hair confidence.

  • Start with 10 seconds of courage.

  • Start with speaking up for the first time.

  • Start with walking away from a situation for the first time.

  • Start with walking through that gym door for the first time.

  • Start with filling out that first job application.

  • Start with taking that first selfie.

  • Start with sending that first text.

That is how change happens. That is how your confidence builds. 

When you approach life and growth with baby steps, you will develop more confidence. It is unavoidable, I promise you that :)

The more you do, the more your confidence will grow. 

And the great news is that one of those baby steps might lead you somewhere incredible and then BOOM you're in a different city, with a different person, making moves in the headlines. This seriously happens!

  • Your 6th job application could lead you to your dream job.

  • Your 20th podcast episode could lead you to the top charts.

  • Your 4th album or song release could lead you to the billboard top 100.

  • Your 8th first date could lead you to that one special person.

  • Your 20th time challenging yourself and speaking up could finally get you what you want and deserve.

All those life changing things start with you taking a long deep breath and saying, “ok let’s do this.”

That is the power of baby steps. That is the power of short hair confidence.

Let’s go.

Give a friend some confidence

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Now is a good time for a quick mindfulness practice. I love this from Leo at Zenhabits.

  1. Breathe deeply. To get out of your head and into your body, do deep breathes. Do several breaths like this, maybe for 30-60 seconds. This calms you down and helps you to be more present with your body and surroundings.

  2. Check on your feelings, give yourself compassion. Turn your attention to the sensations in your body and notice how uncertainty and fear/anxiety might feel. Give these feelings some space, let them be. Now, see if you can give them some compassion, to take care of yourself when you’re feeling uncertainty or frustration.

  3. Find calm in the middle of a storm. Find your breath. Let the swirl of thoughts calm down. Notice the light around you, notice sound. Notice the beauty of the moment. Widen your awareness beyond yourself, and feel the peace of a moment of stillness. You can still take action, but from a place of calmness.

  4. Send compassion out to others. Extend your awareness beyond your home, to the others in your neighborhood and city, to others around the world, to your loved ones and strangers. Feel the worry they’re feeling. Send them compassion, from the deepest place in your heart. Notice how this feels.

Remember this…

I love this from Robert Irwin and it’s a great reminder right now.

In these weird times, be present. Even though it’s a weird time and you’re probably spending a lot of time in solitude, be grateful for the opportunity.

In these times know that life isn’t actually “on hold” and no matter what’s paused in your life or is up in the air right now, you’re not less than whole.

Keep your head up and keep growing!

My name is Case.

I believe in the power of perspective.

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