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It's a simple mindset but one that goes a long way. Today's power moves also include: remaining optimistic and letting go of guilty.

Too long, didn’t read…

In the same way that things can go from good to bad fast in life, things can also go from “whatever” to “amazing” even faster. Let that fill you with hope right now.

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Realize this and be hopeful…

Hey there my friend.

I sat down last night to get real with myself.

What do I really think of all this madness? What’s my intuition telling me about this?

Here’s what I came up with…

Life is particularly frustrating in that it can go from amazing to terrible very quickly. Clearly! We’re seeing that right now.

BUT at the same time, my life experience has taught me that in the same way that things can go from good to bad fast, life can also go from “whatever” to “amazing” even faster.

There’s no denying that what’s happening right now is a “whatever” moment.

Whatever is happening is happening. Our lives have become “whatever” - seemingly put on hold. Our social lives, careers, bank accounts and gyms are all on hold.

Because of that, it also seems that a lot of the things that typically make us happy and fulfilled are also on hold - friends, going on dates, hitting the town, just being free and independent.

So, right now it’s kinda just “whatever.” *shoulder shrug*

I can’t deny that. It’s whatever.

But “whatever” can change to “amazing” fast.

My life has proven this. I have gone through times of just bleh and then BOOM out of nowhere, amazing things just happened.

It’s the memory of that very fact that keeps my head up during this time.

It’s the acknowledgment that life can go from “whatever” to amazing fast that makes me smile right now.

Life happens fast and I’d rather keep my smile intact knowing that “whatever” can change to “amazing” at any moment.

There’s no denying this! Life has taught me this in undeniable ways.

  • You can go on 12 terrible dates… to one that can completely change your life.

  • You can go from losing 5 deals and think your career is over… to landing that deal of a lifetime and being elevated beyond your wildest imagination.

  • You can disappoint yourself time and time again, be self conscious, not feel confident… to deciding to speak up just one time and realizing how powerful you really are.

  • You can go from feeling lost and unmotivated… to one day finding something that lights your soul on fire and completely changes the course of your life.

That is how life works. You can go from 0 to 100 real quick.

Right now, admittedly we went from 100 to 0. And that sucks, not gonna lie.

But I keep my head up because I know how fast it can reverse. I know how fast life can go from “whatever” to “amazing.”

I don’t care how blindly optimistic and overly glass half full that sounds, I’m going to maintain that attitude.

I’m not going to change my outlook on things.

I’m not going to panic. I’m not going to be be miserable. I’m not going to lose hope.

I know that things can go from “whatever” to amazing FAST.

That drives me. It gives me hope. It reminds me that the sun comes out after it rains and then it’s sunny for a long time and I’m having the most fulfilling, best time of my life.

That is my take on all this and I hope it gives you something to think about :)

Let’s go.

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So, what should you do during this time?

Now is a great time to let go.

It’s a great time to move on from being hurt, rejected, dumped, betrayed, etc.

Now is a good time to let go of pain in your heart - that sense of guilt, shame, embarrassment or whatever you hold onto. 

Now is a good time to let go of thinking you need to live with a broken heart.

We all have weights we carry around. 

Now during this time of quiet and solitude - it’s time to let go. It’s time to move on.

You have to give yourself a real reason to move on!

  • If all you can think of is I need to move on from my ex so that I can go and meet someone else, that’s not gonna work.

  • If all you can think of is, I need to move on from that horrendous career failure so I can find a new job, that’s not gonna work.

  • If all you can think of is I need to move on because that’s what Pinterest told me to do, that’s not gonna work.

MY friend! You have to give yourself a REAL reason.

Move on because:

  • You know better! You know better now and you knew better then!

  • You know what you want and it’s no longer that person or that thing.

  • Even though it’s nice to think of the good times in the past, you know the hurt that came from it. It’s time to move on from that.

  • You said you would. Do what you say!

  • You want to be honest with yourself and you’re not and haven’t been.

  • You’re still hanging onto hope and memories that won’t happen again.

  • You can’t change the past, only the future.

I really believe that unburdening yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself… and now, during all this madness there's a calm sense of peace where you can find solitude and move on

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