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(Monday, February 3rd). Today's power moves: adopt a "I'm shook mindset," be radically honest with yourself and make downward dog the key to your self growth.

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The best motivation you can have in your life to do more and grow as much as you can is to adopt a “I’m shook mindset” - where you look back every six months or a year and say “I’m shook by how much I’ve grown. I’m shook by how different I am.” If you make yourself crave growth with the intention of looking back and being genuinely shook by how much you’ve changed, you’re going to naturally find yourself doing MORE - raising your hand, taking that trip, sending that email, asking for more and experiencing so many more firsts in your life.

- Case “Chipotle” Kenny

It’s a power move.

Trust me... you're not as awkward, annoying, boring or clueless as you think you are. Show yourself some self-love and say "idgaf" and do your thing. (Case)

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Are you being honest with yourself?

Real talk: only choosing to see what you want to see and ignoring everything else = no bueno.

If you aren’t honest with yourself, how do you expect to learn and grow?

It feels good to ignore the bullsh*t in your life but that only provides short-term happiness and in the long run it doesn’t do anything to help you become the bad*ss human you’re capable of becoming.

It’s time for some radical candor in your life. Here’s how to get started.

  • Acknowledge both the good and bad. Ignoring problems doesn’t fix them. It can even make things worse in the future because when you aren’t honest about your problems they can get out of control. Cultivate a mindset of radical acceptance toward everything that happens in your life.

  • Take time to reflect. Just take 5-10 minutes every night to reflect on your day. Ask yourself questions like, “How did things go today? What did I do right? What could I have done better?” Be honest with yourself, but not too judgmental or critical.

  • Admit it when you make mistakes. Only a person who admits their mistakes can learn from them and correct them. True self-esteem can only be found when we are comfortable and honest about our mistakes and short-comings.

  • Find someone you trust to be open with you. An outside perspective can be super helpful. A close friend or family member can often protect us from our “blind spots,” and every now and then you need someone you trust to call you out on your bullsh*t when you need it.

  • Be straightforward – don’t over analyze. You don’t need to make up some elaborate story about why some bad event happened to you. Just make note of how things are in the moment and put your best foot forward. You don’t need to understand everything in the world, just enough to be sensible, practical and realistic.

Downward dog = self growth power move.

Here’s some food for thought…

I’m not a huge yoga guy but I’ve really come to learn how much of a positive effect it can have on your anxiety and stress. If other habits haven’t helped (meditation, journaling, etc.), it might be worth giving yoga a shot.

Asanas (yoga poses) are super effective at reducing the symptoms of an anxiety. It’s been proven that yoga can help ease the physical symptoms of anxiety: increased heart rate, tightness in your chest, muscle stiffness and poor posture.

  • Yoga poses can fix your bad posture - a symptom of anxiety. A long-term physical symptom of anxiety is a poor posture. Asanas can be used to develop a more solid posture by improving three consistent principles: shoulder blades pulled back, stable core, and keeping your head-up (straight).

    When you practice yoga, you also benefit from the strengthened core muscles, making a healthy posture feel more natural on a daily basis. Posture helps anxiety by helping to boost confidence.

  • Yoga helps anxiety through your breathing. Yoga has many aspects that help reduce stress. One of these components is your breathing technique. Breath control is extremely helpful if you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, considering that one of the common symptoms of anxiety is shallow breathing.

    The breathing techniques associated with yoga can help you gain control of your breathing. Taking a deep breath during your asanas lowers stress in the brain and body and sends a message to the brain to relax.

Today’s soul food.

The “I’m shook” mindset.

I think the best thing you can do in your life is to push yourself to have a mindset where you look back  - every 6 months, a year or even 6 weeks - and say “I’m shook.” 

I’m shook by who I was 6 months ago, by what I used to do, by what I said, how I dressed, how I acted, what I thought I wanted… and so on and so forth.

The best growth mindset to have is to be shook by how you used to be.

It’s a mindset that drives you to say… “I’m going to make 6 months ago me look like an absolute idiot.”  :)

Make your goal in life to be shook by the person you used to be and to be able to genuinely say “I’m shook” every six months or every year because you're pushing yourself to grow. 

  • I’m shook by… how I used to think I looked good with bangs LOL.

  • I’m shook by… when I used to think it was cool to go out every night, black and out. Party, party, party.

  • I’m shook by… the bullsh*t I put up with at that old job.

  • I’m shook by… what I thought I used to want in a relationship.

  • I’m shook by… how I used to think having that car, that watch that vacation would mean I had it all.

Say that in a genuine way that celebrates your growth!

Be shook but excited because those things are evidence that you’ve grown and that’s something to not only celebrate but continue doing.

Life is an opportunity to be shook by who you were the day before, the week before, the month before and the year before.

Say it with me: I’m shook by who I was because I’ve leveled up so much since then.

Say: I want to be shook by who I am right now.

With a hunger to grow like that you’ll believe two things so fundamentally that every year or every couple of months you’re going to be shook by your growth because it’s inevitable. 

Your growth is going to be inevitable.

You’re going to believe that the world is abundant and you’re going to shift from a “I can’t” mentality to a  “How can I?” approach to life.

You’re going to move away from thinking that opportunity, chance or luck is only for a select few and instead you’re going to believe that abundant opportunities surround you.

You’re going to believe that YOU can get lucky, that YOU can meet the right person and that opportunity is everywhere.

You’re going to start to ask for what you want. You’ll start demanding what you want. You’ll ask for that promotion, you’ll decide to leave your job, you’ll audition for that gig you want, you’ll submit your art, music, creative talent, you’ll hit publish, you'll create, you’ll go for something or someone you used to think was out of your league.

When you do that you’ll look back 6 months from now and you’ll say “wow I’m shook by how I didn’t used to see this. My eyes are open now!

That’s the I’m shook mindset.

Anyone can do this.

Anyone can wake up and live with a I’m shook mindset because all it is being so hungry for growth that you’ll naturally find yourself doing, exploring and asking for more. You’ll find yourself raising your hand, taking that trip, sending that email and experiencing so many more firsts in your life.

It’s inevitable when you adopt this mindset.

Let’s go.


PS: listen to the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast episode I just released on the “I’m shook mindset.” Spotify | Apple Podcasts


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