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Here’s what I talked about in today’s episode (Episode 3).

Realize that you never live the same moment twice.

Yes, you might do the same thing on a different day with the same people. Yes, you might have the same routine everyday. BUT it’s not the same. It’s not the same moment.

Your life consists of moments. Big ones, small ones, happy ones and disappointing ones.

To not appreciate each and every one is to not appreciate the incredible gift we’ve all been given.

But you can change and commit to appreciating each and every moment.

  • You can commit to listening to what someone says instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next.

  • You can commit to tasting and enjoying your coffee instead of just drinking it as fast as you can.

  • You can commit to being a better friend. To calling instead of texting. To actually listening.

  • You can commit to observing life around you - on your commute, on a walk, your workout.

  • You can commit to soaking up every moment.

Happiness doesn’t come to those who refuse to appreciate what they already have.

But now… look at you now! You CAN appreciate every moment.

Make that your mission. Make that your purpose.

Wherever your body is, there too is your mind and there too is your appreciation.

THAT is how you stop yourself from worrying about the future and replaying the past.

SO take a minute right now with me and just be. Just sit and be.

Observe. Listen and feel.

Allow your mind and body to be together. 

That this is a moment that matters.

Today is filled with these moments and tomorrow and the next day and for as long as you're alive.

You’ll be surprised by what happens when you live this truth: the simplicity of the mundane, the beauty of silence, the wonder of chaos and everything in between. 

Life has so much more for you than what you already expect of it.

Realizing that, living that and appreciating that changes your outlook on life. It changes how you approach everything and that should make you smile because THAT is how life is meant to be lived.

Give this episode a listen: 3 - Never the same moment twice (w/ Hogland)