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Welcome to the PRSUIT email by me, Case Kenny. It’s a twice-weekly email dedicated to pushing you to make power moves, be a carefree goofball, check off your bucket list and live an unbothered life.

Let’s get weird.

I’m the host of the Apple Podcasts top 100 podcast New Mindset, Who Dis podcast (Apple Podcast | Spotify) but more importantly, I’m just a dude living his living and loving his life in Chicago, IL. I’m not a guru, a mindfulness expert or even that particularly enlightened :)

But what I am is HUNGRY!

I’m hungry to push myself to live and experience more.

I’m hungry to push myself to be uncomfortable.

I’m hungry to truly know and understand myself.

I’m hungry to be passionate, kind and impactful.

It’s that mission that inspired me to start the PRSUIT email in 2016 where I share my journey and the perspective I learn along the way.

218,000 subscribers later…

I’m committed to sharing my perspective on all the things that make you the best human you can be - mindfulness, confidence, kindness and everything in between.

I send this email every Monday and Friday and release new episodes of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast every Monday and Thursday.

I can be reached on Instagram (@case.kenny) or text me 312-584-4002.

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<3 you.

-Case Kenny